Short essay on football in india

It is played by two teams eleven members in each aiming to get maximum goals by each other. It draws our mind towards creativity and promote us to do something better in the life. I want to continue my favourite hobbies till the end of my life. Short Essay Football is a very interesting game that keeps the audience engaged with the game till last minute.

A ball becomes in play all time however becomes out of play whenever a team has scored a goal or referee has stopped the game. It is an inexpensive game, played in almost all the countries with much interest. I am 14 years old and read in class 9th standard.

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It is an interesting outdoor game played by two teams having 11 players in each. Good and interesting books are like best friends of the one who like to read. Kids and children should be promoted to play football at home and schools as well to get fit physically and mentally.

Now I am 10 years old and read in class 5th. How many words is a 2 page essay double spaced usernames help write my essay for me cheap persuasive speech one hundred years of solitude essay topics years later.

British Soldiers introduced Football as a game between Army Teams. The game of football is a popular game all over the world. Watching TV is my hobby however it never interfere with my study. It is a game of much importance in the India especially in Bengal. Hobby is very necessary to be with everyone because it makes one busy and free mind.

It gives us immense pleasure and peace of body, mind and soul. The game of football is one of them. My Hobby Essay 6 words Hobby is a good thing a person gets from childhood. But this view could not be substantially ratified.

Now, I really enjoy playing football and participate in the inter-school competitions. Each party tries to pass the ball through the goal-post of the other party.

209 Words Short Essay on Football for kids

There is a goal kick to restart the play after a goal is scored. It is a most exciting and challenging game generally played by two teams for the entertainment and enjoyment of the youths.

Naturally, the game is encouraged and fostered among the students of schools and colleges.

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My Hobby Essay 2 words My hobby is reading whether it is news paper, news, novels, G K book or any knowledgeable book written by any good author.

It is popular in the cities and towns of India. It is a most exciting and challenging game generally liked by everyone especially kids and children. They become so happy when I take my problems in easy way and try to solve them without getting anger and tension.

Usefulness The game of football is much useful to us. I think I have a good hobby because watching TV provides me good knowledge in many areas.The Indian Super League, a tournament just recently recognized by AFC or FIFA, was founded in in an effort to make football a top sport in India and to make Indian football a major player worldwide.

ENGLISH ESSAY Class 3. My Favourite Game - Football. There are many outdoor games. However, among all the outdoor sports, football is my most favourite game. This game is famous all over the world.

Football is a game played by eleven players on each side. In India football is played with great fervour. Even though we do not qualify. फुटबॉल पर निबंध (फुटबॉल एस्से) Find here essays on football in Hindi language for students in,and words. Essay on Sports in India! Sports and physical education are necessary components of human development, good health, and companionship and to have a spirit of friendly competition.

This has a positive impact on the overall development of the personality Brilliance in sports enhances a person’s sense of achievement, national pride and.

Category: Blog, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On July 23, By Vikash Mehra Football In the streets of cities, open fields of village boys and young men kick at football in all season. The Game of Football is, without doubt, the most popular game in the world today.

The very term, ‘football’, has a romance of its own. It is, indeed, a word of millions to conjure with. This game of evoking mad excitements was originally played at a village called Rugby in .

Short essay on football in india
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