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When the KWIP learns of a case that appears deserving of further investigation, the case is referred for further evaluation to volunteer lawyers, who may be assisted by Colorado Law students. Donate Now to the Korey Wise Innocence Project Services The lawyers and law students may review transcripts, read investigative reports, speak with previous counsel, research the state of the law at the time of the conviction, search for previously undiscovered errors, determine whether new forensic techniques might help, and make a recommendation as to whether the case should be pursued.

And its gotten way way better since it even started, using DNA samples! The thing was, no one had ever seen this child or seen her pregnant. And hour and a half drive ahead of me, I could barely see through the tears and I was beating myself up for fear that I'd made a huge mistake by quitting my teaching job and changing careers, as I'd just happened to grab my iPod.

Korey Wise Innocence Project

The Duke Law Innocence Project looks at wrongful convictions not only on an individual case-by-case basis, but also engages in policy reforms, and outreach to the community in education. Anyway - that's who it reminded me of. Well, Bill Dillon happens to be sitting in his brother's car, hanging out and smoking a joint with his brother, when the cops come up and ask him what he's doing there.

Fluid, sticky, gross stuff, right? You would like to think that this guy represents a very rare case. What undermines the guy's credibility is the fact that he was blind in one eye.

Oklahoma convict who got help from Innocence Project released after 30 years

But we started looking into it, and we remembered that last October there was a big kerfuffle about the innocence project out of Northwestern University's Medill Journalism School. He was a bit of a pothead.

And this is what's the most startling part to me, believe it or not, in that three-mile journey there was an oral sex act committed between the two of them - between the guy who just picked up the stranger and the stranger, who was covered in sweat and blood.

And if there's some material evidence there, or some eyewitnesses that may or may not be too credible - sometimes there's a little coercion, sometimes there's a snitch.

The KWIP was formed under the umbrella of the Colorado Lawyers Committeea non-profit, non-partisan consortium of law firms that engages in pro bono work. Do you see any hopeful signs of the problem of wrongful conviction being addressed at a systemic level?

It became an independent c 3 non-profit organization in but maintains institutional connections with Cardozo. And like I said, he has nothing on Harass I. And he said, "I didn't make it up.

Loyola Project for the Innocent

So they have basically a bunch of volunteers including a high school teacher, an ACLU veteran, former journalist, and a poet who plow through these letters that they get and try and determine if they merit - and they don't do it on whether or not their heartstrings are pulled.

And we realized - ding, ding, ding - this is it. A lot of these cases that we reviewed - and we're not knocking cops, believe me, or detectives. For your free day trial, visit gotomeeting. With a new case, the first task is to determine what evidence might exist and set about finding it.

All I wand is to go home. And he's seen that in the last five years there are actually, he says, way fewer death cases.

Innocence Project: DNA frees Oklahoma man convicted of rape

The Innocence Project does not accept or reject potential clients on the basis of their previous criminal records or their character.the purpose of the Palmetto Innocence Project is to provide charitable pro bono legal assistance to prisoners convicted of serious crimes in South Carolina where cognizable claims of actual innocence or contentions of serious injustice in the criminal process exist, and to provide educational opportunities to law and journalism students in.

The Innocence Project is a television drama series created by BBC Northern Ireland and first broadcast on BBC One on 9 November The series follows the work of Professor Jon Ford, who sets up The Innocence Project, peopled entirely by a hand-picked group of law students.

They. Who We Are Deirdre M. Enright. Director of Investigation J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, B.A., Northwestern University, Deirdre Enright is director of investigation for the Law School's Innocence Project Clinic. The Innocent Brown Girl Project is committed to providing quality resources curated for African American and Latina girls.

Our resources can be used in the classroom, girl groups, or home. If you are an educator or advocate of African American or Latina girls then our resources are a perfect fit.

Help free the innocent! Proceeds from the sale of this super soft % cotton tee will support the Innocent Project's work to exonerate innocent people using DNA and reform the criminal justice system to prevent wrongful convictions.

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Nov 15,  · The Innocence Project is especially active in the American South, with chapters like the Georgia Innocence Project actually being supported by the State Bar.

The work of the Innocence Project is supported through a great deal of pro bono work on the part of lawyers and other volunteers, along with donations. It is a non-profit.

The innocent project
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